Russian Hackers

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I needed to update my Norton subscription, had trouble seeing if installed correctly, so called Norton.

Person I spoke with said I have been hacked by Russian hackers and need to immediately get this corrected with a program that costs $299.00/yr.

Told him I needed to think about it, he was adamant but I resisted his pressure.

My question, do you take on this kind of pc problem?

Thanks for your consideration to this matter.


Dear Jackie,

I don’t think you have been hacked by russian hackers, I think you were almost conned by the person you were speaking to on the phone.

Where did you get the phone number that you used to call Norton? I’m guessing it was an online search, and you actually called a number belonging to a scammer pretending to be Norton.


PS: Jackie wrote back to tell me that she had googled “Norton Security” to find the phone number. It is a good thing she resisted the scammer’s pressure.


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