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Dear Computer Lady,

I have been told not to open email attachments, even from people you know.  If you want to view the attachment, save it, then close out, go to the place you saved the attachment, right click and scan with your virus software.

Would getting my friends and family members to put their initial in the subject line, like I did on this email, tell me that the email attachment was from them and not a virus sent by a hacker that used a worm to copy their address book? When I forward a joke, I cut and paste so there is no attachment. 

Thanks in advance, Howard


Dear Howard,

This is a fairly good idea, with one small flaw.

Your friends and family might get an attachment from someone else, open it and not realize that they have been infected, then forward it to you.

In that case, you could see the initials and think it is safe, when in reality, you are opening a virus.


I use AVG Antivirus from and it scans my e-mail as it comes in. If AVG finds an attachment with a virus in it, the attachment is removed from the e-mail and put in the virus vault.


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