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Dear Computer Lady,

When I choose to save a web page to my desktop (where I’ll later file it in an appropriate file), I very often have TWO icons placed on my desktop. One of the icons is a Firefox icon along with the name of the file. The OTHER icon is a MANILLA FOLDER. That makes twice the number of icons I should have.

I’ve had this laptop for almost four years and this never used to happen until about 6 months ago. I was told I could go in and change a property, but all that was cause the MANILLA FOLDER icon to fade. They are still on my desktop.

Can you help me? I would sure be grateful if you could.

Many Thanks, Brian


Dear Brian,

When you save a web page to your computer, you are saving not only the HTML file, but also any supporting files like images that are included in the web page. These supporting files are stored in the folder that you have noticed.

You will notice that when you move the HTML file, the folder will automatically move with it, and if you delete the file, the folder will be deleted along with it as well.

If you did not have that folder of supporting files, the saved web page would not appear correctly when you opened it.


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