Scammer Warning

Dear Readers,

If you are using your computer and a notice pops up saying you are infected with a virus or something and instructs you to call a phone number,


Or, if you get a phone call from someone who claims to be from Windows technical support, don’t talk to them, hang up!

Lately, I get phone calls almost every day (3 on Friday) from people who call the number, let the scammer take over their computer, and then try to charge them hundreds of dollars to “fix” it.

When they refuse to pay, the scammer messes up their computer and leaves it that way..

Here is a classic example of one of these scammers

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    • friend
    • September 1, 2015

    I would add to your scammer warning to NEVER give any caller any personal information whatsoever. This includes people who call to sell you a local newspaper subscription. If you want a subscription, call the newspaper yourself and give them the caller’s name so s/he can get credit for the subscription. The important thing is that you must always initiate the call yourself for any financial transaction as well as computer issues. Be sure to look up the phone number or website rather than use a link or number sent to you by email. This will protect you from many scammers.

    • Dori232
    • September 1, 2015

    There is another scam going on with Best PC Fixing if you call them they will do what ever needs doing when you give them control of your computer and fix anything good. then you get a call from them about a month later for some things to add to secure your computer and charge a high price. Another month may go by then they want to return your money that you paid a high price for, this is when they do the scamming and they want control of your computer to (supposedly) return the money you paid by credit card. They want to do several transactions to (supposedly wire you the money and while they have control the screen will go black and they want your bank info to return the money and a picture of your license or non drivers Id to prove who you are and your debit card, They steal your identity and all your info plus money from your bank account to send to India.

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