Script Error Messages

Dear Computer Lady,

How do I get rid of “Script Error” messages?

I have done a little research and have tried checking and unchecking the “disable script debugging in Internet Explorer” and “in other”. It may clear up for a short time but then it is back again. When it shows up I have to go to the task manager in order to get rid of the page it is on as the “yes or no” and the close page “red X” on the script error screen do
not work.

I do not seem to get it on my email page or my home page. I find all the new technical things a bit confusing so I’m hoping you can help me with this as I cannot do anything on my computer except email and reading my home page.

Thank you, Sharon

Dear Sharon,

This is just a guess based on your description, but it sounds like you might be infected with some malware that is creating the script errors.

I would suggest that you check your computer for malware, or bring it into your local computer shop for a good cleaning and tune-up.

If you want to clean it yourself, try a program like Malwarebytes anti-malware at: or Emsisoft Emergency kit at:

You really need to be careful when searching for and installing tools to clean up your computer since many programs that distribute malware claim to be programs that will clean out your computer, or make it run faster.



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