Send Link Shortcut Not Working

Dear Computer Lady,

I have Win 7 and use IE browser, also Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

When I am at a web page in any of those, and want to send a link to it to a friend, I right click and then click on “send link” but it doesn’t work.

No way to send a link to anyone.

Do I need to change a setting in windows? if so, what or where do I do that?

Thanks for any help you can give 🙂 Peggy

Dear Peggy,

In order for that link to work, you need to have an email program installed and set up. If you don’t have an email program set up, it just won’t work.

If you use a web based email program like yahoo, gmail or the web interface from your internet service program, you are using your browser for email, and a web browser is not an email program.

You have a few options for sending links, lets look at the best solutions.

First, you can install and/or set up an email program. Since you have Windows 7, you could use Windows Live Mail, or you can download and use an email program like Mozilla Thunderbird.

Once you choose a program, you should be able to enter your email address and password. Most programs can set up the account with that information.

If your email address doesn’t work with an email program, or you don’t want to set up a program, you can just use a different method to send a link to a web page.

Click once in the address bar of your browser to highlight the URL of the web page you are viewing, then either right click on the highlighted URL and click “Copy” or use the keyboard combination “Ctrl + C” to copy the URL.

Next, open your email program, start a new message and paste the URL into the body of the message. You can do this either by right-clicking in the body of the message and click “Paste” or by clicking once in the body of the message, and use the keyboard combination “Ctrl + V” to past the URL into the message.

I hope this helps you share web pages with your friends and family.


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    • Larry Sementini
    • October 26, 2012

    Send Link not working today. Up ’til yesterday, I could right-click on a portion of any Web page, the pull-down would have “Send link”, and my Thunderbird email would provide me with a new “write” page to send automatically after filling in the “To” line. I miss it. I know there are other methods to send links, but I want the old one back!!

    • mrstubbo
    • October 21, 2013

    Long time subscriber, but my first post.
    You should give this Gmail application a try, I use it daily: “Send from Gmail (by Google)”

    Keep up the good work; you have taught me right from my first computer.
    Southern California

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