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In our last Google Calendar lesson, we learned how to create more than one calendar in your Google calendar account. One of the reasons that you might want to create multiple calendars is so that you can share certain parts of your schedule with others.

You can make one of your calendars public so that anyone on the internet can see it. This might be useful if you are a public figure and you want to let the public know when you are going to be out and about.


Let me give you an example. If I wrote a book and was doing book signing events, I could make a book signing calendar and make it public and put a link on my website. Now, my fans could check my website and see when I will be signing at a city near them.

This is not an example that is likely to happen, I like to stay home in Maine where there is almost no traffic and more wildlife than people.

If you are not interested in having the whole world view your calendar, you can also privately share a calendar. When you share a private calendar, only those whom you give a link to can see your schedule. This comes in handy if you are trying to schedule events with a small group of people, or you just want to keep your family and friends up to date on your schedule.

Anyone who gets ahold of the link to your private calendar can view it, so be careful whom you send the link to. If the wrong people do get the link for your private calendar, you can always change it by clicking “Reset Private URLs” and then send the new link to just the people you want to share the calendar with.

Lets get started sharing our calendar.

1. Open your Google Calendar, if you have not created one yet, you can learn how with the articles on my website.

2. Look for the section on the left of your screen that says, “My Calendars”. Click the arrow to the right of the calendar you want to share, and from the menu that appears, click on “Share this calendar”.

3. If you are using the calendar to promote a business or public event, you can make the calendar public. (that means anyone on the internet can view it)


4. If you are not interrested in a public calendar, just enter the email addresses of the first person you want to share with, then click on the drop down list under “Permissions” and select how much control you want the person to have over your calendar.


They can view only if you are free or busy, view all your event details, make changes to events, or event make changes and manage sharing.

5. Click the “Add Person” button.


6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have added all the people that you want to have access to your calendar, and then click on the “Save” link at the bottom of the page.


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