Should I upgrade Internet Explorer?

Dear Computer Lady,

Hi my name is Jan.

I have not down loaded IE8 or IE9. I am still on IE 7 and wonder if it is safe to upgrade to the IE’s

I have seen and heard complaints on the IE 8 & 9 and wonder if it is O.K. to stay with IE7 and is it still doing it’s job.

Thank you for all of your help and expertise.


Dear Jan,

Lets start with your second question first. Yes, it is fine to stay with Internet Explorer 7. If it works great for you and you don’t have a need to change, you can stay with it as long as you want.

Is it safe to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 or 9? Yes.

No matter how good an upgrade is, people don’t like change. When I hear general complaints about a new upgrade, I like to keep that in mind. If a lot of people have specific complaints, then I will pay attention, but lots of people saying general things like “I don’t like it” doesn’t always mean the upgrade is a bad one.

Before you upgrade, it is always a good idea to create a restore point. This way, if you don’t like the upgrade, or you run into problems, you can go back to the way your computer was before the upgrade. For the most part, though, upgrading Internet Explorer is safe and easy.

If I were you, I would upgrade all the way to Internet Explorer 9, it is leaner and faster than IE8 and there have been fewer problems reported with it.


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