Should I Use Google Chrome

Dear computer lady,

I have been getting mixed information about Google Chrome (some like it /some will not use it).
Do you have an opinion /or know of anyone having problems with it?

You have been my guru for 5 years, so I trust using it, if you believe it would add anything I use IE now. Windows 7 64 bit Dell.

Thank you, Evanette

Dear Evanette,

I use Google Chrome just about every day, it is my favorite browser. I started using it quite a few years ago because it was much faster and took up less screen space than other browsers at the time.

I have not run into any problems with Chrome, and, in fact I have found that it runs flawlessly even on computers where IE is not working, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should drop the browser they are using now and switch to Chrome.

I would suggest that you download Chrome

and try it out. If you like it, you can keep using it, but if not, just go back to your current browser.


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Elizabeth Boston is a Web designer, Social Media Consultant and managing editor of, “Ask The Computer Lady”.
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