Spark Trust?

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I read your column every week!

I was on your website today and opened the Spark Trust link because my wife’s laptop has become very slow. It scanned her computer and listed hundreds of problems! I expected malware but that was the only item that was clear.

Before paying to have them removed I looked for reviews of Spark Trust Registry Cleaner on the web. They were not too complimentary (some call the company a scam) and other programs were recommended like Speedy PC Pro.

Do you recommend Spark Trust?

Thanks, Richard

Dear Richard,

No, I don’t recommend Spark Trust, or any program that says it will speed up your computer.

The fact that you were on my website when you saw a link for Spark Trust tells me that you already had malware on the computer. I don’t actually have any ads for that program on my website.

I have, however seen computers infected with malware that put ads in webpages, and if I didn’t know that the ad wasn’t supposed to be there, I would think it was part of the page. I have a computer like that on my workbench right now. It put an add at the top of my webpage, inserted ads between articles, and underlined words in my articles with links that led to more ads. It is horrible.

If your computer is infected this badly, it might be best to bring it into your local computer shop to get it cleaned out.



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