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Dear Computer Lady,

I have Spybot installed on my Windows XP computer.

What does it mean when you click to run the program and it says “If you remove advertisement robots with this program, you may not be allowed to continue using their host programs.” What does this mean?

Thanks, Bill



Dear Bill,

Many spyware programs get into your computer when you install a program that they are bundled with. That program would be referred to as the “Host Program”.

For example, you might download a toolbar that is supposed to make searching on the internet easier, but really it is just a lure to get their spyware program on your computer so you will get advertisements from then and they hope you will buy their stuff.

If spybot detects the spyware and removes it, the host program, (in this case the search toolbar) will no longer function, since its whole purpose is to feed you advertisements via the spyware.



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