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Dear Elizabeth,

First I want to commend you on your website. You are a gracious & giving person & I appreciate you. I’ sure all your readers do as well.

My question: Every time I start my computer I get a lot of spyware & adware. I have two programs (one paid & one free) that catch them when they come in. They ask if I want to delete, I do so, then after 35 of them, Spyware x-terminator tells me I need to reboot to get rid of the rest. Then it would start all over!! My daughter tells me I get them from all the research I do. I have McAfee for security. If you can help I would be so grateful.

Thanks, Janice


Dear Janice,

It is certainly possible that your research could be exposing you to lots of spyware and other junk on the internet. I sometimes get my computer infected with some pretty nasty things when researching programs to mention in my newsletter.

The biggest problem is that new spyware and virus programs come out every day, and there are currently no programs on the market that will protect you from all of them, or that will remove all of them. This was recently reported in one of my computer magazines.

If you are infected with spyware that cannot be removed, the best thing to do, is back up your data files and run the restore disk that your computer came with, if you have one. This will erase the hard drive and put the computer like it was when it was new.

You would then want to install all the Windows updates, a good antivirus program, and I like to use Spybot Search & Destroy and use the Immunize function in that program to protect you from getting many of these problems in the first place.

You can find Spybot Search & Destroy by clicking here.



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