Temporary Internet Files

Dear Computer Lady,

How do I delete temporary internet files, what are they and how do I know if I have any?

Thanks, OR


Dear OR,

Temporary internet files are the files that your computer needs to retrieve in order to show you a web page.

When you look at a web page on your computer, the computer first gets the file with the code for that page, and downloads the pictures displayed on the page as well. Since the files are not needed once you are done looking at the web page, they are stored in a temporary location.

If you have been online and looked at any web pages, then you can be sure that you have some temporary internet files. The problem can come if you have too many of them, or if some of them are corrupted.

In Internet Explorer, you can delete the temporary internet files by clicking on “Tools” in the menu bar, then click on “Internet Options…” and then click on the “Delete Files” button in the Temporary Internet Files section.

Or, you can use my program, Smart Windows Cleaner, to clean out temporary internet files, cookies and many other things all at once. More information about Smart Windows Cleaner is just after the free software section.


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