This Page Wants to Install a Service Handler

Dear Computer Lady,

On my Inbox e-mail page there is an icon that recently appeared. It says “this page wants to install a service handler.”

Can you explain what this is about and what should I do?
Thanks for your help. Dottie

Dear Dottie,

I see that you have a Gmail email address so I am going to assume that you are on the Gmail inbox page when this icon appears.

A service handler is a little bit of programming that will handle a request for a service. In your case, the request would be a link that opens a new email, and if you have the right service handler installed, the link would open a new email in Gmail.

You can either ignore the request, allow the request or deny it.

If you allow the request, then come upon a link on a web page for sending an email, clicking on that link would automatically open a new email in Gmail.



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