Unwanted Ads on Recipe Sites

Dear Computer Lady,

Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I always enjoy seeing you in my inbox!

I enjoy getting recipes at different websites but often there is local store pricing information & I see the button to turn this off but it seems to only applies to that visit. I’m using Chrome & have tried to find this in the settings but I’m not seeing anything that might turn this off.

How do I turn this off for good?

Thank you for your help! Mary

Dear Mary,

I love to find recipes online as well, in fact just today I was looking for a good plant based, ranch dressing recipe.

The local store pricing information is just one of the ads that those recipe sites use to support the site. There is not a way to turn it off permanently because the advertising revenue is needed to pay for the site and people working there. Think of it like ads in the newspaper.



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