Upcoming Facebook Charges?

Dear Computer Lady,

I just saw a notice that facebook will soon be charging a monthly fee. Do you know anything about this?

I can’t really afford to pay for facebook, but I do use it to stay in touch with my friends every day.

Thanks, Joyce

Dear Joyce,

I do know something about this notice that you saw. It is a hoax, an attmpt to get you to visit a bogus website that will infect your computer. Facebook does not have any plans to charge a fee for use of their site. Actually, I’m pretty sure they are making good money from advertisers on their site.

There is a detailed article about this scan at snopes.com. You can use this link to read it:


You probably saw this warning in an email message that included a link to a web page where you were promised that you could join a protest against the supposed upcoming fee.

The protest page is actually a trap. If you click on parts of that page, your computer will be hijacked, you might find disturbing pictures on your screen, and malware will be installed on your computer.

My advice about such emails is to always check and see if they are true or not before you take action or forward them on to others.

The best place I have found to research these types of email is at www.snopes.com You can even sign up for a newsletter from Snopes that will keep you up to date on all the latest email hoaxes.


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    • alexnetherton
    • March 5, 2010

    Dear Elizabeth;
    Thank you for responding to this, and telling people where to go to get information. There is so much fear out there, and this is “social engineering”, some fear based thing to make people do something to hurt them. There are false antivirus popups, where a window comes up on your screen when you visit a web page, telling you that your computer has a virus, and offering a free scan. If you do it, you have the virus!

    Someone once sent out an e-mail to one of my groups on Yahoo, telling about a virus that no antivirus could find, and telling my group members to delete it off their computers. It was an important system file! I went to snopes.com and looked it up, or I would have been caught myself.

    Thanks again for setting people straight about these things.


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