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Dear Computer Lady,

We purchased an air card from Verizon Pantech 91510808. We are using a Dell Inspiron 1721 with Vista and a Dell Inspiron 6000 with Windows XP. We have installed the software on both computers, however we can not use the aircard on both computers. Is there an adapter for our Netgear router WGT624 or a different router we have to buy?

Thank you for your help, Mary Ann



Dear Mary Ann,

It looks like you have purchased a Verizon air card and you are trying to use it with your home router.

There are several problems with this situation.


First; air cards require an account with a cell phone company (in this case, Verizon) and use the cell phone signal to connect to the internet. 

Second;  Air Cards do not work with the signal put our by your router. I looked up your router model, and it is a wireless router. That means it broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal. You need a wireless adapter to use that signal.

Your laptops should have a wireless adapter built in, but if not, you can get a USB wireless adapter that will work with your router.

Third; Where do you want to use this internet connection? If you want to be able to get online as you travel, you will need the air card and wireless account from one of the cell phone companies. If you only want to go online while in and around your house, your wireless router and wireless adapter will work and you will not have to pay the monthly access fee.


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