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Dear Computer Lady,

I just set up an entirely new system, with Windows 7 and MS 2007. Wow! It’s like dealing with an alien it’s all so different! Like learning how to use a computer all over again!

My question is that in XP, on the Internet there was the AutoFill feature that allowed me to fill in forms in one click. I can’t find this feature in Windows 7, I’m having to fill in forms line by line. Help!

Thanks for your continued great work! Brenda

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Dear Brenda,

Internet Explorer has a feature called AutoComplete, but it does not have an AutoFill feature like you are describing.

AutoComplete stores information that you type into web form fields like your name and address, and then fills them in for you.

I am pretty sure the AutoFill feature that you are talking about was actually part of the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. You can install the Google Toolbar on your new computer, and then set up the AutoFill with the directions below.

1. Open Internet Explorer and go to www.toolbar.google.com
2. Click once on the blue bar that says, “Install Google Toolbar”.
3. Read the Google terms of service, then click on the “Accept and Download” button.
4. Click on “Run” in the download box, then click on “Run” again in the next dialog box.
5. A new Internet Explorer window will open with the Google Toolbar added. Click “OK” in the little “Welcome” window.
6. In the Google Toolbar, click on the wrench icon and in the dialog box that appears, click on the “AutoFill” tab on the left.
7. Click on, “Add new profile” and fill in your information. Click “Save” at the bottom of the dialog box, and you will be set to use your new “AutoFill”.


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    • Elizabeth B
    • January 15, 2010

    What is your opinion of using password managers? Specifically ones that manage the passwords on servers such as Last Pass? Are these good programs to use for sensitive passwords, or are you putting your passwords at risk putting them “out there”…what do you recommend to keep you passwords straight? What do you think of having the passwords automatically filled in from a password manager?

    • PeggyP
    • January 31, 2010

    I, too, have recently changed my computer to Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007. What a nightmare! Previously I had XP and MOH&S 2003. I never had the Google toolbar, but I could do AutoFill. It is a royal pain to have to fill in everything every time! In Win7, under Internet Options > Advanced, it states use InLine AutoComplete (outside of Internet Explorer). On my system, this line was automatically checked. I just now unchecked it, but of course I couldn’t find any “test” page to see if this works or not. blessings- Peggy

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