Webpages Open A Blank Tab

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a problem that I must have caused on my PC that is probably correctable, but I could use your expertise. . my in house tech help is too busy).

Whenever I click any link on my webpage opens a blank Tab. This is so annoying because I have all these tabs strung out next to my browser. Then I either have to reopen the last window or hunt for the link.

I copy and paste into the browser to go to the link because I cannot get to it by clicking on it directly.

Thanks, Rosemarie

Dear Rosemarie,

It sounds like you are infected with some sort of malware program that is trying to redirect you to advertising websites. Something on your computer might be blocking the redirect, so all you end up with is a blank page.

Unfortunately, I am removing more and more malware from my customer’s computers as it becomes harder to move about online or download files without clicking on links that lead to this kind of advertising software.

You might want to give Malwarebytes, Anti Malware a try. You can download it using the link in the image above. Malwarebytes will allow you to update, run scans and remove the infections without purchasing the program. If you want the added security of automatic updates and the ability to block the malware from getting into your computer in the first place, I would suggest you purchase a license.


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    • mrshvd3
    • November 23, 2013

    Re: “Webpages Open A Blank Tab”, from Rosemarie — Is it possible that she or someone else inadvertently changed a setting found under Tools>Internet Options>General>Tabs>Settings?

    North Hanover Twp., N.J.

    • threads_44
    • November 24, 2013

    This same issue occurred to me last week. I am using firefox and used their troubleshooter information under the HELP header. I went to RESET FIREFOX link and it rid the browser of the adware. Sam from Berwick

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