Where To Find Pictures for Petitions

Dear Computer Lady,

I have placed a few online petitions on a couple of websites, unfortunately without success.

With the petition on change.org, the website said that petitions with a picture are six times more likely to receive signatures than those without a picture. The problem is that my cellphone doesn’t have a built-in camera as it is a free, government-issued cellphone.

I would like to use a picture from websites that have to do with bottle/can recycling, but I don’t know if I need permission from those websites to do so. Do I? If not, where may I obtain pictures for my petition if I can’t get any from my cellphone?

Thank you, Joyce

Dear Joyce,

Yes, you would need permission to use pictures from existing websites.

A better alternative would be to use a website with free, public images like openclipart.org

I just did a quick search on openclipart.org and in a few seconds found three images that might work just fine.


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