Where to Save Important Favorites

Dear Computer Lady,

I have a large number of FAVORITES but a few that are especially important to me.

Is the some way I can make these stand out from the rest ?

Thank you for your site, it has been a large help to this older computer user.


Dear Jean,

There is a way to make a few of your favorites easier to find and use. You can put them in your favorites bar.

Let’s take a look at Internet Explorer and see how to set this up.

Open Internet Explorer and if your menu bar is not visible, tap the “Alt” key on your keyboard to activate it.

Click on “View” in the menu bar, and point to “Toolbars”.

If you don’t see a check-mark in front of “Favorites Bar” click on it to turn it on.

Once you have your favorites bar displayed, (It will appear as a toolbar at the top of your browser window.) you can now add shortcuts to the favorites bar.

Go to a webpage that is important to you.

Click on “Favorites” in the menu bar (remember to use the “Alt” key to display the menu bar if you need to).

In the Favorites menu, click on “Add To Favorites Bar”.

This will put a shortcut to the current page in the favorites bar, where you can quickly access it with one click instead of needing to browse through your entire list of favorites.



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