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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

At 1:30 a.m. my iPhone notified me of a text message. It said: “Your Yahoo password change verification code 84853 for XXXXXXX. More info at” There was a second message that said: “Your Yahoo password change verification code: 67489 for XXXXXXX. More info at”

I had been sound asleep–not changing my password. I did NOT click on the link to on the iPHone. Using my web browser on the computer, does not exist, just as I suspected.. Just to be on the safe side, I went into Yahoo and did a legitimate password change from my account settings.

What was going on here??

I do have my cell phone number in my account settings for password change notifications.


Dear Linda,

In your question above, I replaced your yahoo username with Xs just to protect your privacy.

It sounds like someone tried to hack into your yahoo email account. Fortunately, they were not successful, and you have taken steps to keep your email account secure.

First, is the fact that you have notifications set up on your cell phone. This is a good idea, not only for alerting you if someone tries to change your password, but also if you forget your password, or it becomes corrupted, you can reset it using the cell phone.

Second, you did not click on the link in your text message. This could have led to malware on your system.

Third, you changed your password. This is also a good idea if someone has been trying to hack into your account. Use a nice, strong password to keep your account safe.

Unfortunately, it is fairly common for thieves to try to hack into email accounts. Once they have access to your email, then can then use it to change the passwords for more important web sites like your bank or paypal account.



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    • Micky
    • July 1, 2014

    Hi Elizabeth,
    GOOD advice on passwords! I always keep mine VERY strong – and change them every few months. I use a combination of numbers, grammatical symbols (when allowed), upper/lower case letters AND even use a different language! (it could be French, German, Italian, Spanish, whatever.) I NEVER make it easy – and so far…SUCCESS! Thanks SO MUCH for all you do to keep us educated and safe online!

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