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Dear Computer Lady,

Thank you for all of the information you share with us. I’ve learned a lot from your answers to questions posed by your readers.

I have Windows 10 and I’m going crazy! Zoom is almost constantly changing the size of the web page without my using the zoom setting. It doesn’t matter which web site I’m in or which browser I’m using. I have to go to the zoom settings and readjust back to 100% from as high as 500% and higher.

How can I fix this problem? Thanks, Betty

Dear Betty,

It sounds like you are accidentally either using the scroll wheel on your mouse, or a keyboard combination to change the zoom on your computer.

The first thing to do is figure out what is happening to cause the problem.

The ways that the zoom of a web page can be changed are as follows.

1. Holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard as you scroll with the scroll wheel on your mouse. So, check to see if you are accidentally holding the Ctrl key on your keyboard, or perhaps it is stuck. Also, if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, make sure you are not moving it at all.

2. Holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and pressing the plus key to make it larger or the minus key to make it smaller. Again, check to make sure your Ctrl key is not stuck or being pressed accidentally. Also check the plus key on your keyboard, perhaps it is stuck.

3. Some laptops have a space on the touchpad for scrolling. If you have this type of touchpad, you might want to try using the middle of the touchpad instead of the edge.

I hope this helps you figure out the problem.



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