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Allrecipes – Your Kitchen Inspiration – All Recipes, Inc.

If you have used the Allrecipes website, you might be interested in the Allrecipes app. It was one of the first apps that I downloaded to my iPad, probably because I already used the website, and was excited about using it on my iPad instead of printing out each recipe I wanted to use.

The Allrecipes app allows you to search for and view recipes from the website, and also from your own recipe box if you have set up an account on their website.

There is a free version of this app with limited features, but you can also upgrade to the Pro version for $4.99

You can view the recipe ingredients and instructions, you can scale the recipe up or down right on your iPad.

The Pro version allows you to synch with your account, and manage your recipe box right from your iPad.

The Allrecipes app doesn’t have the ability to add your own recipes, but you can always put your recipe on the website, and then save it to your recipe box.

Allrecipes – Your Kitchen Inspiration – All Recipes, Inc.


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