Closing Apps in IOS7

Dear Computer Lady,

I just updated my iPad to IOS7 like it wanted me to, and now I can’t close my apps like you taught me.

When I double tap the home button, I see a row of my running apps, but they are set up differently, and when I hold my finger on one of them, nothing happens. There is no red circle so I can’t close them.

What do I do now?

Thanks, Candace

Dear Candace,

Believe it or not, it is actually easier to close your running aps now! You don’t have to try to tap that tiny little red circle. I usually had to try more than once to close my aps.

To close your running apps once you have updated to IOS7, just follow these directions:

1. Double tap on the home button on your device.
2. A row of small icons with a larger preview of the app will appear.
3. Just flick the larger preview up with your finger or stylus.

The app preview will fly up and off the screen, and your app will be closed.

Easy as pie!



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