Copy & Paste on iPad

[ad]Dear computer lady

I realize this is away from the pc, but there are times when I am on my ipad that I wished I could copy and paste something.

I can highlight it, but that is as far as I can go.

What do I do next?


Dear Kathy,

When you highlight text or images on your iPad, a small menu appears with several choices depending on the location and type of items you have highlighted.

Copy, is usually one of these choices, (if it is not one of the options, try tapping on, “Select”).

Lets give it a try right now.

Find some text on your iPad, maybe in the, “Notes” app and hold your finger on one of the words in the text until a small circle appears, then release your finger.

That one word will be highlighted with a bar at the beginning and end of the word. You can drag those bars to include more text in your highlight, or tap, “Select All” in the menu to select all the text.

Once you have highlighted the desired text, tap the, “Copy” button to copy it.

Now, open a new not to past your text into. Tap and hold your finger on a blank spot in the note until the same small circle appears and release your finger. A button with the word, Paste will appear. Tap the, “Paste” button to paste your text into the new note.

I hope this helps you as you use your iPad.


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