Delete Forwarded Addresses on iPad

Dear Computer Lady,

How can I remove a bunch of previous email addresses when I’m forwarding mail on my IPod? On the laptop I can select them with my mouse, but on the IPad I can only backspace through- very tedious!

I’m really enjoying your IPad hints. I’ve learned so many tricks and shortcuts from you.

Thank you in advance, Joan

Dear Joan,

You are right, it is very tedious to backspace through a lot of text on your iPad.

Fortunately, there is an easier way to select a block of text on your iPad. Here is how:

1. Hold your finger over one of the email addresses until a round magnifying glass appears, then release your finger.

2. When you release your finger, a menu will appear. Tap “Select”.

3. Once you tap, “Select”, a portion of the text will be highlighted, and there will be a handle at the beginning and end of the selection.

4. Drag the handles to highlight as much text as needed, then either tap, “Cut” in the menu, or tap the backspace key on the virtual keyboard.



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