Do I Need Virus Protection For My iPad?

Dear Computer Lady,

I just purchased an IPAD, and I was wondering, do I need to install any virus protection on it?

Thanks, Laura in Chicago, IL

Dear Laura,

At this time, you can be pretty certain that your iPad doesn’t need any virus protection.

There are actually no known viruses that can infect an ipad or iPhone as long as the tablets has not been jailbroken (if you don’t know what that is, then you don’t have to worry)

In addition, all apps for your iPad have to be purchased from the Apple appstore, and before an app is approved, it is checked for any possible malware.

In case you are wondering about jailbreaking your iPad, that is a process of removing the limitations on the iPad that protect it so that you can run applications that are unavailable through the the official Apple App Store. Not something that I would reccomend.



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