Find My iPad

Find My iPad

The, “Find My iPad” app helps you find your iPad if it becomes lost or stolen. In the past, if it was stolen, all the thief had to do was turn off the app. Now, with IOS7, you have to enter your Apple ID password in order to disable Find My iPad. Here is how to set up your iPad so you can find it if it becomes lost or stolen in the future.

1. Turn on the “Find My iPad” app: Tap on Settings, then tap on iCloud in the left column, and find the setting for, “Find My iPad”. If the button is already green, you are all set, if it is not green, tap the button to turn it on.

With the new update to IOS7, no one can turn off, “Find My iPad” without your Apple ID password.

If your iPad becomes lost or stolen, simply go to your computer, log into with your Apple ID and password, then click on, “Find My iPad”. iCloud will search for each idevice that is associated with your account, and show you on a map where they are located. If your iPad is located within hearing distance, you can send a signal for it to play a sound to help you find it.

If your iPad is not nearby, you can go to the next step and lock your iPad with your phone number and a message on the screen. When you send the message, whoever has the tablet will see the message, and your phone number. They will not be able to use the tablet unless they know your 4 digit pin code. (This is a good reason to make sure you have your iPad secured with a lock code)

If someone tries to unlock your iPad with an incorrect passcode, the tablet will lock for good, and your data will be secure.

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