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Home Routines

Works with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
Cost: $4.99

One of the reasons I love my iPad so much, is that I can carry it with me during the day, and use it to remind me of my daily appointments and tasks. My Appointments are in the built in calendar app of course, but I tried quite a few apps for daily tasks before I found the one that works best for me. That app is called, Home Routines.

HomeRoutines is simple to use, and it is designed to work with many of the systems you might be already using. I found that it worked great with the Flylady system that I was already using.

With HomeRoutines, you can create as many daily and weekly routines (which is a simple to-do list) as you want. As you complete a task, you tap on it to mark it as done. If it is a daily list, you can have it automatically reset each day.

I love that HomeRoutines is very simple to use, and it keeps me on track to get things done on those days when the interruptions seem to never end.

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