How To Care For Your iPad Battery

How To Care for your iPad battery.

Apple has a few tips on their website for taking care of your ipad battery.

Most importantly is to keep your iPad out of the sun or a hot car. Heat will degrade your battery’s performance the most. You also need to keep your iPad from freezing. The optimal temperature range is between 32 to 95 F.

When talking about your iPad battery, the term, “Battery Life” means the amount of time your iPad will run before it needs to be recharged. The term, “Battery Lifespan” means the total amount of time your battery will last before you have to replace it.

Make sure you install the latest software updates. The newer versions have been optimized to preserve battery life. On your iPad, tap, “Settings” then tap to select, “General”, and finally tap to select, “Software Update”. Your iPad will check for available updates and either tell you that your software is up to date, or display available updates.

Adjust the brightness of your screen. Tap on, “Settings”, then tap on, “Brightness & Wallpaper”. You can drag the slider to lower the brightness, and if you want to save even more, you can turn off “Auto-Brightness”.

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