How To Clean iPad

Dear Computer Lady,

How do I keep the screen on my iPad clean?

It is starting to look like I have been using it with dirty, sticky fingers.

Thanks, Fred

Dear Fred,

The surface of your iPad is made of glass that has been treated with a special coating that is supposed to repel fingerprints, but that feature doesn’t seem to last long when you are using it every day.

There are a couple of ways to keep the screen on your iPad looking clean.

First, invest in a nice screen protector. It is just a clear plastic film that fits on the surface of the iPad and protects it not only from fingerprints, but from scratches also.

Second, to clean the screen before putting on the protector, and to keep it clean in the future, wipe the screen gently with a soft cloth made for cleaning TVs, your glasses or a camera lens.

If you need to do a more thorough cleaning, you can dampen that same cloth, turn the iPad off and then wipe down the front, back and sides. Be careful not to get water in the openings, your cloth must be damp, not dripping wet.

Once you are done with the damp cloth, touch up your iPad with a dry, lint-free cloth.



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