How To Clean Out & Save Data From iPod

Dear Computer Lady,

I hope you can help me! Many years a subscriber but have not seen this question.

My iPod has died. I understand they cannot be charged but hope you can tell me how do I clean it out &/ or save data to my iPad.

Thank you in advance! Nancy

Dear Nancy,

I am not aware of any way you can easily save your data or clean out the device once it is no longer working unless you have already backed up your files to either iTunes or iCloud.

Hopefully this will be a warning to other readers who have an iDevice. Backup your data! Either turn on iCloud automatic backup, or connect it to your computer and use iTunes to backup on a regular basis.

There are data recovery companies that will attempt to extract the data for you, but these services are not cheap.

As for cleaning your data out of the iPod, once it is dead, your best option is to just destroy the device. Once it has been crushed, the data is destroyed.



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