How To Clean Your iPad

Dear Computer Lady,

How do I keep my iPad clean? The more I use it, the dirtier it gets.

Thanks, Rachel

Dear Rachel,

There are two parts to keeping your iPad clean, the screen, and the back & sides. Lets start with the screen.

The glass screen on the front of your iPad is coated with a special coating that is supposed to repel fingerprints, and it does a good job… for a while.

Eventually, your iPad will be covered with fingerprints, and smeared with oil from your fingers. When this happens, it is time to get out a soft, lint-free cloth (like you might use to clean your glasses) and gently wipe the screen.

A good way to protect your screen from both fingerprints, and scratches is to get a thin sheet of plastic screen-protector. Not only can you replace the protector when it gets too dirty, it will protect your screen from getting scratched up. (I have a nice scratch that I got just before I put on my first screen protector.)

Do NOT use any spray cleaners on your screen, these will remove any remnants of the special coating, and possibly damage your screen.

If the back and sides of your iPad need cleaning, you need to turn it off, make sure nothing is plugged into the iPad, then take a cloth that is slightly dampened and wipe the back and sides. Please make sure that your cloth is only slightly damp, not dripping wet!

When you have the iPad clean, wipe it dry with the same type of cloth that you used to clean the screen.



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