How To Connect Keyboard to iPad

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I have been given a wireless keyboard for my IPad.

How do I sync the two?

Thank you. Sandy

Dear Sandy,

Your wireless keyboard is probably using bluetooth technology, so you would need to go into your iPad settings and set that up.

I will give you the best directions I can without knowing exactly what keyboard you have or which iPad you are using.

On the iPad, go to your home screen and tap on the, “Settings” icon.

In the left column, tap on, “Bluetooth”.

If your bluetooth is currently turned off, tap the white button to turn it on (the button background will turn green when it is turned on)

Once you have bluetooth turned on, it will look for any available devices to connect to. Make sure your keyboard is turned on, and you might even want to tap a few keys to activate it.

If the iPad doesn’t find your keyboard, you might need to check your specific model. Some keyboards have a button you need to press to connect.



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