How To Delete iPad Photos

Dear Computer Lady,

How can one delete a specific picture on the IPad?

Thanks, Henry

Dear Henry

It is fun and way too easy to take pictures with the iPad! I know my grandson (and even my grown daughter) have filled my iPad with pictures from time to time.

Fortunately, it is easy to delete these pictures from your iPad. Here is how.

1. Go to the home screen of your iPad and tap on the “Photos” icon at the bottom of your screen.

2. If you have more than one album of photos, tap on the album containing the photos you want to delete.

3. Find the photo you want to delete, and tap on it.

4. In the upper-right corner of your screen there will be a small icon shaped like a trash can. If you don’t see it, tap once on the picture to make it appear.

5. Tap once on the trash can. A red button will appear that says, “Delete Photo”. Tap once on that button.

6. Your photo will appear to fly into the garbage can and will be gone.


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    • siklein07
    • February 24, 2012

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Thank you for your excellent instructions on “How To Delete iPad Photos”. I’m using an iPad2 with iOS 5.0.1. If I select the album, “Camera Roll”, the trash can appears in the upper-right corner of the screen, and I can delete the photo. However, if I select any other album, the trash can does not appear and tapping the picture does not make it appear. Help! Thanks.

  1. Photos in albums that are synced with your computer through iTunes can’t be deleted the same way. You just need to hook your iPad up to the computer, open iTunes and deselect the folders you want to remove from the iPad.

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