How to Lock My iPad

Dear Computer Lady,

I have been using my iPad more and more and have come to realize that I now keep lots of personal pictures and information on it.

How do I secure my iPad so that others won’t be able to access that personal information?

I hope you can help me secure my iPad, Vickie

Dear Vickie,

You can secure your iPad with a four number pin. This will make it secure if you leave it laying around, or if it is lost or stolen.

1. Tap your home button to go to your home screen.

2. Tap the settings icon.

3. Tap the, “General” icon in the left column.

4. Scroll down to the “Auto-Lock” section in the right column, and tap on “Passcode Lock”

5. Tap on, “Turn Passcode On”, and type in a 4 number digit two times.

Your iPad will now need that 4 digit number each time you use it.


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