How To Move iPad icons

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

There is an icon on the 2nd main screen page when I open my iPad that I’d like to put on the first page (which is full).

I held my finger on the icon until it jiggled and swiped to the left to the edge of the screen but it won’t go over to the 1st screen.

I tried moving one of the icons on the 1st screen off to the 2nd page to make room on the 1st page, but I can’t get it to move over either …..

what am I doing incorrectly? Liz

Dear Liz,

You have given me a great description of how to move icons on your iPad, the only thing it sounds like you could do differently is to move more slowly (the word, “Swipe” sounds like fast movement)

Once you have all your icons jiggling, press the icon you want to move, and slide it to the edge of the screen and hover there until it switches to the next screen. Then, you can release your finger off the icon.



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