How To Remove Kindle Books From My iPad

Hello Elizabeth,

I’ve subscribed to your newsletter for quite a while now, and have had some problems solved by you after reading questions posed by others.

My dilemma now is related to my Kindle and my iPad. I love being able to download books to the Kindle which my husband and I share, and I love being able to sync the books to my iPad. The problem I have is: I don’t know how to remove a book from the iPad once I have read it. I remove it on the Kindle (and it seems to still be archived when I do that) but it still appears in my Kindle library on the iPad. It seems so cluttered and I would like to get rid of the icon for a book I’ve finished. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for all you do for us iPad newbies.


Dear Judy,

I also have both a Kindle, and the Kindle app on my iPad. I love being able to read and study on both devices and have them sync with each other. Even my highlights and notes are synched.

After reading your question, I am guessing one of two things is happening. Either you have the Kindle app on your iPad set to view all the books archived on Amazon, or you don’t know how to remove a book from the iPad.

Let’s start with the two different views available to you on the iPad.

The Kindle app on your iPad will either show you only the books that you have downloaded to the iPad, or it will show you your entire library archived on the Amazon web site.

When you are viewing your list of books, you will notice several buttons across the bottom. In the middle of the bottom is one that says either, “Archive (all Items)” or “Home”. If the button says, “Home” tap on it to view only the books that are currently on your iPad. If the button says, “Archive (All Items)” you can tap on it to view all the books on your Amazon account.

To remove a book that is on your iPad, just follow these directions:

1. Make sure you are looking at the “Home” screen on your Kindle app. (the button at the bottom will say, “Archive (All Items)”)

2. Tap and hold your finger on any book for a few seconds. A column of red circles will appear to the left of each book shown.

3. Tap on the red circle next to the book you want to remove. A red icon will appear to the right of the book that says, “Archive”.

4. Click on the “Archive” button to remove the book from your iPad.

I hope this helps you keep your books organized!


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    • dcochran
    • May 26, 2013

    I am also having trouble deleting books from my Kindle app on my ipad. I can go to the Amazon website and delete the books on my account, but they are not deleted from my ipad. OR I can delete directly on my ipad, but the book is still there.
    In your response above, you stated that there red circles to the left of each book. I don’t have that. At the bottom of my screen, mine only says “cloud” and “device”. Can you help me? Thanks.

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