How To Transfer Photos from iPad to Computer

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How can I transfer pictures from my iPad to my desktop computer?

Thank you, Helen

Dear Helen,

It is actually fairly easy to transfer pictures from your iPad to your computer, in fact, you don’t even need any extra software (like iTunes) installed on the computer. Windows actually treats your ipad like a camera. Here is how:

1. Plug the USB end of your iPad charging cable into a USB port on your computer.

2. Plug the other end into your iPad.

3. Depending on what version of Windows you are using, you might see a dialog box appear. If so, click on “Import photos using Windows” or “Open folder to view files”. Otherwise, follow the steps below.

4. Click on, “Start” and open “My Computer” or, “Computer” or “This PC”.

(If you are using Windows 8 and don’t have a start menu, tap the windows logo key, and type, “This PC”.

5. You will see your iPad listed in the list of drives, double click on it to open.

6. Drag the folder containing your photos to the, “Pictures” folder on your computer, or wherever you want the pictures to be.



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