How To Type While Holding the iPad

Dear Computer Lady,

I use my iPad while standing and walking a lot, and it is just akward to type while holding my iPad.

Do you have any suggestions to make it easier to type while holding the iPad?

Thanks for helping me with my iPad, Amanda

Dear Amanda,

It is rather difficult to hold a tablet sized device and type on it, but I have found a couple of ways that can make this easier.

First is a device that you can purchase from Amazon called a Padlette. It comes in a variety of colors and is really a simple tool that you stretch over the back of your iPad from one corner to the oppisite corner. Once your Padlette is attached to your iPad, you then slip one hand underneath it to hold the iPad with just one hand and your other hand is free to type. To learn more about the Padlette, just click on the picture above.

If you like typing with your thumbs, you can try splitting the onscreen keyboard into two parts. To do this, put two fingers in the middle of your onscreen keyboard and move them apart, (like you are trying to zoom in on a picture or web page) this will split the onscreen keyboard into two sections which are in the perfect size and location for typing with your thumbs as you hold your iPad.

Happy Typing, Elizabeth


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