iPad Kindle App Review

iPad Kindle App

Did you know that you can use your iPad as a Kindle?

With the free, Amazon Kindle app for your iPad, you can read all your Kindle books even if you don’t have your Kindle with you. Not only can you read Kindle books, but you can also read newspapers, magazines, textbooks and PDF files.

If you are already reading a book on your Kindle tablet, and you read the same book on your iPad, Amazon will keep track of the last page you read so that you can pick up on one device where you left off on the other device.

In addition, if you highlight text, or type notes on one device, they are automatically synced with the other device.

The Amazon Kindle app allows you to customize your screen by adjusting the margins, background color, and font size. In addition, it will automatically adjust to either landscape or portrait view when you rotate your iPad.

Turning pages is easy in the Kindle app, simply tap on one side of the screen, or flick with your finger to turn the page.

When you are reading a publication in your Kindle app and you come to a word you don’t know, just tap and hold your finger on that word, and the definition will be displayed for you.

You can use the search function to search inside your book for a topic, or chapter. You can also bookmark any page that you want to easily return to later.

To get the Kindle app, on your iPad, go to the app store and search for, “Kindle”.

In the search results, you will see the Kindle app which is sold by AMZN Mobile LLC.

Tap on the button that says, “Free” then tap on that same button again (now it says, “Install App”).

I use my Kindle app for all kinds of reading, from magazines to novels to textbooks. I love being able to highlight the important points in the textbooks, and one nice bonus is that the pictures on my iPad Kindle app are almost always in color, even when the paper book has them in black and white.



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