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Dear Computer Lady,

I took your adult ed class in Berwick for the iPad and learned a lot.

During class you showed us how to put a shortcut on the screen that could be modified to access many features such as Siri, screen shot, home, etc.

I would like to change what I can access from this but do not even know what it is called.

I went into settings and could not find anything that seemed to fit. Please help.

Thank you, Michael

Dear Michael,

I think you are talking about the control center. You access it by swiping up from the bottom of the screen on your iPad or iPhone. I use my control center all the time to quickly access my flashlight and my camera.

Here is how you can customize it.

From your home screen, tap on “Settings”

In the settings app, tap on “Control Center”.

The first setting controls if you can access the control center while you have an app open. If it is turned off, you can only access it from the lock screen or the home screen. Turn it on if you want to be able to access it while using an app.

To add or remove apps from the control center, tap “Customize Controls”.

The top section of the list of apps are already included in your control center. Tap the red circle, then tap the button that says, “Remove” if you don’t want it in your control center.

The next section has apps that you can add to your control center. Just tap the green dot with the plus sign to add one or more.

Once you have added or removed all the apps you want, you can change the order that they appear in your control center by dragging the 3 little lines to the right of each icon either up or down.

I hope this helps, Elizabeth


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