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Dear Computer Lady,

I have learned much from you over the years and I really appreciate you.

A few years ago I received an iPod and bought lots of music on iTunes now the iPod is broken and I do not want to spend 100 bucks or more to see if they can fix it.

I would like to put the music on to my mp3 player only to find out I cannot.

Can you give me any clues on how to get my music?

Thank you, Diana

Dear Diana,

Since you purchased the music on iTunes, the songs will always be available on your iTunes account.

If you want to put them on another apple device, just sign into your apple account (same as your iTunes account) on that device and you will be able to download the music.

If you want to put them on a device that is not an apple product (like your MP3 player) you should be able to install iTunes on your computer, access the music and then convert it to an MP3.

If your version of iTunes doesn’t have the option to convert the files, a free program like Audacity will be able to do the job for you. You can find it at:



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