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Dear Computer Lady,

I have read your letters for years and years, possibly from the time when you were just getting started. I’ve learned many valuable tips and helps from you.

My current question: I am subscribed to your list, and your messages always come through on my HP pc. Even though I receive most of my emails on my ipad as well, yours shows up only on the pc. This happens with a few other senders as well, but almost all other messages come in on both devices.

When I travel I rely on the ipad so it is inconvenient to be receiving only part of the messages sent to me. Can you solve my problem?

Thanks in advance, Shari
Dear Shari,

While I can’t find the cause of your problem without some troubleshooting, my first guess based on what you have shared is that my email address, eboston@gwi.net is not in your address book on your iPad so the iPad filters it out as junk mail. You probably have added it to your HP pc at some point in the past.

Check all the folders on your iPad and see if that is the case. To fix it, all you have to do is add, eboston@gwi.net to your contacts and it should be fixed. This could be the same problem for the few other senders that you are having problems with.


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