Netflix on iPad

[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

I was considering using netflix.

Can they stream right to my ipad2.

If so, what do I need to do to connect the movie to my tv.

Thank you smart lady. Your service is the best, Ron from Philly

Dear Ron,

Yes, you can stream Netflix movies right to your iPad, I have watched quite a few tv shows and movies on my iPad while sewing in my sewing room.

You can also stream the movies to your TV using an Apple TV. This is a small device that allows you to stream video, play music, show your pictures, or even just display your iPad screen.

I first use an apple tv at school while teaching an iPad class, but soon got one for home to use as well. Sometimes, we put the iPad in front of the TV and use FaceTime. We see our family members on the big screen and because the iPad is in front of the TV, we are looking at the camera when we talk to them.



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