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Dear Computer Lady,

Do you have knowledge of any open source office product for Apple iPad or iPhone.

Just want to read some of my files… (or possibly edit by adding information to an excel spread sheet that I keep on my Dell PC.

Thanks, Judi

Dear Judi,

You can actually get Microsoft Office on your iPad and iPhone free of charge.

Go to the app store and search for either Word or Excel. Once you have installed the apps on your phone or tablet, there are three levels of access for Microsoft Office programs on your iDevice.

You can simply use the apps to view your documents.

On any iPhone or iPad except the iPad Pro, you can use the core Office experience, including viewing, creating and editing documents for free. All you need to do is login to your Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, it is free to create one.

If you have a qualifying Office 365 subscription, you can unlock the full office features at no extra cost. An office 365 subscription is required to create and edit documents on the iPad Pro.



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