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Pocket Bible

One of the Apps that I use on my iPad all the time is Pocket Bible by Laridian Software.

I have been using Bible software from Laridian since my first handheld device many years ago.

Pocket Bible is a free app, and it comes with the King James version of the Bible along with 40 other bibles, bible reference titles and devotionals which are free when you register. There are also hundreds of additional bibles and books that you can purchase directly from Laridian.

There are two features that make PocketBible stand out for me. First is that you don’t need an active internet connection in order to read your books.

Second is the fact that you can take your notes and settings with you from one device to the next. I have notes on my iPad that I took on my original palm pilot many years ago.

Laridian also has an Android version which will run on your Kindle Fire or Android tablet.

You can download PocketBible from iTunes at:

or learn more at the Laridian Website at:



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