Removing Books from Kindle App

Dear Computer Lady,

I am also having trouble deleting books from my Kindle app on my ipad.

I can go to the Amazon website and delete the books on my account, but they are not deleted from my ipad. OR I can delete directly on my ipad, but the book is still there.

In your response above, you stated that there red circles to the left of each book. I don’t have that.
At the bottom of my screen, mine only says “cloud” and “device”.

Can you help me? Thanks, D

Dear D,

The problem with some apps is that as soon as you write directions for them, there is an update that changes the way it works.

Currently, the way to delete a book in the Kindle app on your iPad, is to hold your finger on the title of a book for a few seconds, until a small button pops up that says, “Remove from device”.

You can then lift your finger, and tap on that button to delete the book from your iPad.

One thing to remember is that you need to tap on “Device” at the bottom of the screen so that you are only looking at books already on your iPad, not at all the books on your Amazon Kindle Account.

If you remove a book from your iPad, and then tap on the “Cloud” button at the bottom, the book will still show up since it is still in your account at Amazon.



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