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[ad]Dear Computer Lady,

My camera on my I pad when I try to take a picture the screen is fuzzy it also points to square I cannot find any place to change it on the r side of the screen.

The top of the screen is the picture of the camera the middle of said area is the large button then near the bottom is 3 words video photo, square you can slide the screen up to one of these 3 places but I cannot get the screen clear also the bottom of the screen shows the last picture I downloaded in a square.

How do I get the screen clear so I can take pictures?


Dear Janice,

You have done a pretty good job of describing the camera screen on the iPad.

You can switch between the three picture taking modes, photo, video and square by sliding the words up and down. When I first encountered this setup, I tried to move the dot up and down, but eventually figured out that the dot doesn’t move, the words next to the dot moves.

When you slide, “Video” next to the dot, the big button turns red. Tap it once to start your video recording, and tap it again to stop.

Select, “Photo” and the dot turns white. Tap it to take a photo.

When you select, “Square” you will be taking a square picture instead of a wide screen one.

The small camera image at the top of the column switches you from one camera to the other.

The iPad should automatically focus your image, and you don’t need to get rid of the right column to take your photos, in fact, you can’t get rid of it, because without that column, you wouldn’t be able to take a picture.

I hope this helps you with your picture taking.



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